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Dear Dr. Fournier: I read your March 8th article and agree with your advice.  I’m an architect and trying to imagine how the new technology will manifest itself in the school facilities.  If classrooms become more like wi-fi media centers (no more eggcrates) and media centers more like retail bookstore environments, what sort of resistance do you anticipate coming from educators and stakeholders?  It seems like everyone is ready for a paradigm shift, but not sure about acoustics or control over students.  What do you think? Dana D. Orlando, FL Dear Dana: ASSESSMENT: The resistance will not only come from the educators, but the parents. Remember, aside from people who make it their business to follow educational, technological, and statistical trends, the rest of the country is in the dark. Is it any wonder, then, that the default response for most parents is ... (more)

Community Service Helps Teen Grow in More Ways than One

  Dear Dr. Fournier: My teenage daughter is in the tenth grade.  She is doing well in school, but as the time approaches to look at colleges, I feel she needs to improve her extra curricular activities with some volunteer work. She has always had everything she has ever needed, except understanding of how much she really has.  I am afraid that she is a bit selfish, but does not realize that she is. This year and next summer, I want her to volunteer at a nonprofit organization so that she can learn to help others less fortunate. Do you have any suggestions?   Judy D. Youngst... (more)

Son’s Attitude Problems About School

Dear Dr. Fournier: My 10-year-old son is in the fourth grade. He has an attitude problem and I can't seem to get through to him. The teacher gave him two pages of rules to follow and he isn't following them. Furthermore, he refuses to write down things she tells him to write down, which are important. He doesn't want to study or do homework, especially his math homework. He's currently on fractions in school and not doing well. I try to correct his homework but I can't keep doing this or he won't learn. What am I to do with this child? Anne G. Jackson, MS   Dear Anne: When ch... (more)

Homework: It's the Result of Classroom Failure

Dear Dr. Fournier: I've never seen homework like what my 10-year-old son and daughter bring home. It's not like anything I did called "homework" when I was in school in the mid 70s. I had the twins late in my life (when I was 40), so something must have changed between the time I was in school and today. It's triple - sometimes quadruple - the amount I had to do. They come to me telling me they don't know how to do parts of their homework. I ask them to think about what they learned in class on the parts they say they can't do and they tell me the teacher hasn't taught it yet. ... (more)

Student Doesn’t Need Occupational Skills - Yet

Dear Dr. Fournier: My child is the most disorganized human being on the planet! I try to get her to write her homework and other assignments down in her notebook and to put all her handouts in one place and that has not worked. I've bought books, pads, special notebooks, trappers, calendars and planners for her, all to no avail. She doesn't use them to get organized. If anything, she uses them to become a bigger mess. Is there any hope for us or am I expecting too much? Katie W. Pensacola, FL Dear Katie: Do parents expect too much if they ask their child to go to work and do t... (more)