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Dear Dr. Fournier: In a recent article, you mentioned the Strategizer®, which as best I can tell is a day planner that you developed. However, you also called it an “anticipation” tool. What does that mean? How is it any different from an organizer I can get from any local office supply store? I have tried getting my daughter to use a planner for years, but after being gung ho for a week or so, she always reverts to the way she was doing things before. Can the Strategizer® help? Michelle S. Houston, TX Dear Michelle: This is a very common question I have been asked over the years by parents when I start their children on the Strategizer®. We are so used to seeing common variants on the same sort of planners and organizers that we question what could possibly be in this one that enables “anticipation.” ASSESSMENT The Strategizer® is best thought of as a col... (more)

To Redshirt, or Not to Redshirt? That Is the Question

Normal 0 0 1 721 4113 34 8 5051 11.1282 0 0 0 Dear Dr. Fournier: Our child has a summer birthday, and will be 5 in August. He just made the cutoff this year to get into kindergarten. If I do enroll him, I am worried that with such a late birthday he will struggle to compete with the older children in his class. I don't want to hurt my son's self-esteem, but I have looked at some numbers online, and it seems like more and more children are failing kindergarten. What should I do? Kelly S. Little Rock, AR Dear Kelly, Assessment “Let's get to children earlier” sounds great as... (more)

Parents Mean Well But Could Do More Harm

Dear Dr. Fournier: School has started and after only a couple of weeks, my son is having trouble with homework. I do not want my wife and I to get into last year’s shouting matches with him. It seems like every time I try and help him, he gets angry and defensive. What can we do to get our son to let us help him with his homework? James C. Austin, TX Dear James: Many parents have heard their children in frustration say this about homework, “I don’t know how to do it!” The natural inclination of parents is to respond this way: “Then let me help you do it.” Unfortunately, thi... (more)

Son’s Attitude Problems About School

Dear Dr. Fournier: My 10-year-old son is in the fourth grade. He has an attitude problem and I can't seem to get through to him. The teacher gave him two pages of rules to follow and he isn't following them. Furthermore, he refuses to write down things she tells him to write down, which are important. He doesn't want to study or do homework, especially his math homework. He's currently on fractions in school and not doing well. I try to correct his homework but I can't keep doing this or he won't learn. What am I to do with this child? Anne G. Jackson, MS   Dear Anne: When ch... (more)

Take A Business Approach To Conferences

Dear Dr. Fournier: Report cards are out and I have just received my child's along with a note from his teacher requesting a parent-teacher conference. I've been here before. I remember my first time. I was happy to know the teacher wanted to work with me, but then I went to the meeting and it was horrible. I decided my child should be present, expecting we were ready for solutions. Instead, I sat stunned as she told me how horrible and terrible he was. She had only had him for a little over 6 weeks so how could she know this? I've had him for 11 years and I know he is a kind, car... (more)