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Dear Dr. Fournier: Why has timing schoolwork become so important to elementary school teachers, especially in first, second and third grades? It seems to me that learning has taken a back seat to how fast a child can do something. Isn’t our modern, fast-paced society setting the wrong standards for education? It seems to me we’re seeing more and more stressed-out students. My child is a second-grader and he is already feeling the stress of having to do timed class work. Almost every day he comes home from school frustrated because his teachers are timing everything and he’s not finishing. What can I do to help him? Joan S. Muncie, IN Dear Joan: As part of a society that believes more is better, parents for years have said to schools, “Teach my child more, do it faster, and do it sooner.” I wish I had a dollar for each time I have met high school and college ... (more)

Good Learners Are Made, Not Born

Normal 0 0 1 610 3477 28 6 4270 11.1282 0 0 0 Dear Dr. Fournier: I want you to know how much I appreciate your columns - I suspect you have quite a large following of secret "adult-kids" out there. I know I missed the boat on many of the skills you talk about in your articles, but hope that I can develop these skills in myself as well as in my children as they get older. Jerry H. Seattle, WA Dear Jerry: ASSESSMENT: As many children continue to slip through the cracks school, I can't help but wonder how many of them are destined to become disillusioned "adult-kids" a few... (more)

Son’s Attitude Problems About School

Dear Dr. Fournier: My 10-year-old son is in the fourth grade. He has an attitude problem and I can't seem to get through to him. The teacher gave him two pages of rules to follow and he isn't following them. Furthermore, he refuses to write down things she tells him to write down, which are important. He doesn't want to study or do homework, especially his math homework. He's currently on fractions in school and not doing well. I try to correct his homework but I can't keep doing this or he won't learn. What am I to do with this child? Anne G. Jackson, MS   Dear Anne: When ch... (more)

Homework: It's the Result of Classroom Failure

Dear Dr. Fournier: I've never seen homework like what my 10-year-old son and daughter bring home. It's not like anything I did called "homework" when I was in school in the mid 70s. I had the twins late in my life (when I was 40), so something must have changed between the time I was in school and today. It's triple - sometimes quadruple - the amount I had to do. They come to me telling me they don't know how to do parts of their homework. I ask them to think about what they learned in class on the parts they say they can't do and they tell me the teacher hasn't taught it yet. ... (more)

C’s Do Not Mean Your Child Is A Loser

  Dear Dr. Fournier: I enjoy reading your articles and I’ve noticed recently that several parents have written you worried about their elementary school children having C’s and D’s. As a school principal, I’d like to offer you and your readers my perspective and see if you agree. C’s and D’s don’t automatically mean your child can’t learn, is goofing off, or has ADD or ADHD or that your child is doomed to failure because of a C or D on a report card. Children at this age must be given time to learn because they’re developing their learning skills at this age. In fact, B’s and ... (more)